Made with Heart ❤️

A few clients have asked me about this line in my logo. It is because I put my Heart into the projects that I work on. That’s where this catchphrase came from, I wanted that to be part of my brand.

It’s easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of building a website, what the design will look like, how it will function, what are the best tools to use, etc…⁠ 🤓

Ultimately though, it’s essential to come back to this: websites are used by people. 😲

Every site that I work on I keep that foremost in my mind. I want to take away your stress by providing consistent communication throughout the design process, and training you at the finish line so that you are empowered to use your website moving forward. 🙌

As a freelance web designer, I care deeply about the outcome of each project and take pride in my work. In WildDesign you will find a dedicated, long-term partner in building, maintaining and growing your web presence. Albeit, with a personal, more human touch.⁠

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