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Is your Web Copy working for you?

When you work with me, I will make sure you have a website you’ll be proud to show people, but how will you make sure that people understand your brand and what you have to offer?

I believe your website should be your best sales tool. Your entire team should be able to have your website open while having a sales conversation because everything is so clearly laid out there. They can walk people through different sections of the site to explain how your business can help. So not only will this website convince people to buy, but it will become an extraordinary tool you can use to equip your entire team.

When I am done with your website you should feel 100% confident to send someone to your website knowing they will clearly understand all that you are about and how you can help them.

The Strategic Process

Designing a website, no matter how big or small is an extensive process that can feel overwhelming.
To better help you understand what to expect during the strategic approach to web copy, design and development, here’s my process in 3 steps:


message & strategy

I love to do internal interviews of people in your company and external interviews of your customers. This way I can really understand your brand from the business perspective and from the client perspective. This is super important! Getting your message right, so your website does what it needs to do.


website structure

I review the old site to see what’s working and what’s not and then make a site map recommendation. I’ll write all the copy for your new website, following best practices to convince web visitors to want to work with you. I’ll deliver all of those to you via website wireframes.


design mode

In this phase, I’ll build on the strategic copy & wireframes to design the home page and a sub page for approval. Once approved, I’ll move forward with designing all site pages and implementing functionality and plugins. I’ll make sure your site looks and works great across all devices and browsers.

What we want is that when someone lands on your website, they will easily understand how you can help make their lives better. How you are different from everyone else. Our strategic copywriting will eliminate all confusion they might have because we map out the entire website with your customers in mind. 

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