My Travelling Setup for Remote Working

Here’s my travelling setup for remote working. Finding the perfect working spot can be a challenge when on the road, especially if you’re used to working in an office where you’ve got multiple monitors, an ergonomic chair and everything to your liking. 🖥️⁠

Personally, I love the freedom of being able to work from anywhere! That could be a desk at home, a table at a café, a picnic bench at the park, or the table in our van looking out of the back door at the view – wherever we have decided to park 🚌⁠

⁠What I don’t enjoy is feeling uncomfortable while working, especially as I’m often working at my laptop for hours each day. 😩⁠

So, here you can see my setup and I’ve got to say, it’s really been working out for me! 🤓⁠

Here’s what I use:⁠

  • Dell XPS 13, 9300 – ultraportable laptop.⁠
  • Roost laptop stand – elevates screen: 6 – 11 inches.⁠
  • Goldtouch Go!2 – Bluetooth wireless keyboard.⁠
  • Microsoft Arc Mouse – snaps flat.⁠
  • Fellowes gliding wrist support.⁠
  • Images show Sennheiser HD 4.50, since upgraded to Sony WH-1000XM4 – noise cancelling headphones.⁠
  • Glasses with Blue-Cut lenses.⁠

What do you use?⁠

Image of my travelling setup, laptop, stand, mouse, keyboard, wrist support and headphones
Image of my travelling setup in use, laptop on it's stand, mouse, keyboard, wrist support and headphones
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