Rediscover your brand

Web Design is about breathing fresh life into an existing website & brand, just as often as it is for bringing a new one to life.⁠

This could be over the short-term, such as in iterative web design; where you prototype, test and refine a website. Going through multiple cycles to reach the end design.⁠ Or it could be taking an old, outdated website and giving it some love, to bring it more in line with your client’s vision. 😍⁠

⁠Sometimes that leads to a large overhaul of the look & feel of a site. Though, it could just as easily be the addition of a single feature, the change of a single element, adding a fresh logo, or choosing new images & colours.⁠

One example of my work where I’ve done an iterative redesign is on AcroAdventure, a side business of mine with my wife. For a full explanation of the process and the work that was done, check it out in my portfolio here.
In this case, a quick-fire launch enabled a basic version of the site to complement a new series of online classes. Which was followed by an incremental delivery of features, branding and a membership-gated video library.

⁠If you’re considering giving your website & your brand some love ♥️, get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help. 👍⁠

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