Stop procrastinating

⁠You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.⁠

— Zig Ziglar

I can think of many ways that this applies to my life, and to my work.⁠

⁠Getting started as a Freelancer took a lot of courage for me. Thoughts of am I qualified to do this? Am I good enough at it? Then the process of getting started, wondering whether or not my website and the relevant processes are all thought out and perfectly in place, when is it time to look for that first client? 🤔⁠ Finally I had to stop procrastinating, getting lost in the little details and just start.

I also see it in some of my client’s websites; being afraid to launch for any number of reasons, or postponing providing content – that is essential to the creation process – because the wording is not 100% perfect. Being afraid to pull the trigger, to take action and just get started. ⁠

⁠The reasoning can take many forms, whether it is fear, procrastination, or perfectionism… Whatever it applies to; person, brand or website. It can only become great, if it is given the chance to start. Done, is better than perfect. 🖤

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