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The Work

RAF World is a real-time multi-zoned virtual recruitment event series that evolved from RAF Access All Areas virtual event designed to engage audiences aged 16 – 24, during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the post-pandemic world, RAF World has continued to impress and attract potential candidates, adding a unique virtual element to the RAF’s in-person recruitment event programme. 

This was the first project that I worked with Identity – a global full-service live events agency – on. And we have made several rounds of iterations to it by now.

Our Collaboration

The site was already built, but required a lot of updates, from styling changes, to functional improvements and the addition of a CMS.
As the sole developer, I had a lot of work cut out for me!

What I worked on

The main task was connecting the Next.js front end, to a Strapi backend, so that Identity could easily manage the content in a custom built CMS. This was my second time working with Strapi and I must say, I like it a lot!
The runner up for largest change to the site was adding various states to the site, that would automatically transition and enable different functionality for the virtual attendee’s.
They would arrive on the platform, which at a time set within the CMS would “open”, allowing access to further pages. This would then progress to “live”, whereby live-streaming and live-chat in team’s rooms would begin. Of course, this would then “close”, redirecting to the home page, albeit with some additional info for the participants.

We’ve gone through a number of rounds of changes this year, and I’m proud of the improvements we’ve been able to make together!

  • Web Developer
  • 2023
  • Website revamp & updates
  • Front-end development
  • Next.js & Strapi
  • Virtual Live Event
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