Together Money.

Site Rebuild • Vue.js • Development • 2022

The Work

I was contracting with Unrvld earlier this year, a Digital Agency that works across 5 continents with some big brands. During my time collaborating with them, I helped with a lot of the development work on one of their client’s new websites; Together Money.

Together Money was undergoing a rebuild, and in the process updating the frontend tech that was powering their site.
I helped with many of the components seen on their homepage, utilising Vue.js for those with more dynamic aspects.

Our Collaboration

Contracting with an agency has some nice benefits; feeling part of a team, having designs given to you, someone else to take responsibility for organising all of the nitty bitty pieces.
That meant that all I had to focus on was the tech involved, the client requirements and building the website components.

What I worked on

I helped with many components for the TogetherMoney rebuild, taking over the project from another Frontend Developer. Working in concert with a previous colleague of mine called Mike.
Such as:

  • The mega navigation.
  • The hero component at the top of the page.
  • The product descriptions, separated by tabs.
  • The help & advice panels.
  • The Feefo review pagination.
  • Among others…
☝️  Together Money’s home page.

The Rebuild

TogetherMoney’s website was built around Sitecore’s Helix architecture. With the frontend dynamically loading only the relevant scripts and styles for those components that were on the page.

This lazyloading of appropriate elements ensured the website was fast and performant.

Built using a mixture of Vue.js, ES6, HTML5 and SCSS. It was a very nice project to work on, as rebuilds often are, taking some months of custom development.

How this benefitted TogetherMoney

Updating the tech to use modern frameworks took a lot of custom development time. However it also came with a lot of benefits for the client.
Allowing for use of more performant scripting and styling on the frontend. Such as JavaScript ES6, and Vue.js which is great for creating user interfaces.
This ensured:

  • A welcoming home page, benefitting from clear naviagtion.
  • Modern functionality with all the advantages and speed that such frameworks bring.
  • Reusable dynamic components.
  • Custom Finance Calculators.
    • Creating a customer journey tailored to the visitor.
    • Helping visitors to know exactly how TogetherMoney could really serve them.
    • Giving a clear indication of what rates and amounts would be available for the given scenario.
☝️  TogetherMoney in action.
  • Web Developer
  • 2022
  • Website rebuild
  • Front-end development
  • Vue.js components
  • JavaScript ES6
  • Custom coding & styling
  • Dynamic data and customer journey
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