How to choose a logo

Before starting to freelance, I got a little caught up with the details of how to start one. Beyond the initial logistics, it was the simple things that took me the longest to decide on.

  • What should I call it? How to choose a business name?
  • What would the logo be?
  • Should I use a personal brand, or position myself as a small agency?

I spent a lot of time searching online for various strategies, and tips.

In my last post I mentioned how I chose my business name. With that decided, and some ideas in mind, I approached Michelle Murray a friend & Graphic Designer. She ran with the brief, coming back to me with three routes 💪⁠

To come up with some initial ideas I Googled other freelance businesses, and logos linked to my chosen business name. As the name was inspired by a “Wild pokemon appears!”, I thought of what that pokemon might look like. At first, I imagined the pokemon wearing glasses – as I do when I work on the computer – and then in various styles; such as cute, abstract, and geometric.

Taking these rough ideas to a designer helped a lot! And when she came back to me, having three routes to explore a concept really allowed me to narrow the direction, as you immediately get a feel for what kind of style you resonate with. One route stood out to me immediately, I liked its simplicity and boldness. We took some details from the other routes, and had our design 👍⁠

⁠Originally it didn’t have the spike on the right, and truth be told was an error in an exported file… But I really liked it, so we kept it in the final logo 😆⁠

⁠Michelle has helped me with logo creation for my other business too. I’d happily recommend her if you’re looking for a Graphic Designer.⁠

It’s easy to overthink this, and procrastinate, waiting for the perfect decision, one that aligns with your brand, what you deliver, has a domain available etc… But done is better than perfect. And you can always change it later.

⁠It’s important to be true to yourself and follow a gut instinct. At the end of the day, it’s your business, so why not have a logo that you enjoy, right? 😉⁠

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