AI Safety Summit 2023.

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The Work

As Artificial Intelligence rapidly advances, so do the opportunities and the risks. The UK hosted the first global AI Safety Summit, bringing together leading AI nations, technology companies, researchers, and civil society groups to turbocharge action on the safe and responsible development of frontier AI around the world.

Identity – a global full-service live events agency – did a fantastic job organising this event, which gathered a lot of media attention and was partially live-streamed. I’ve worked with them before on a few projects and they reached out to me to help them with this site.

Our Collaboration

Brought on board as one of the Digital team, they provided the design and the content and I built the site.
That meant that all I had to focus on was the tech involved, building the website components and creating the website.

What I worked on

I created the entire website. There was a lot of custom styling and coding for building specific functionality and components that didn’t come out of the box.
The website had to cope with a lot of traffic, especially when Elon Musk announced his attendance.
We had live-stream functionality, which was embedded using CleverCast, a nice and easy solution that worked a charm!

Overall, this was a really enjoyable project to work on with Identity!

  • Web Developer
  • 2023
  • Website setup
  • Front-end development
  • WordPress website
  • Live stream
  • Custom coding & styling
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